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My Commitment to You

It is my commitment to support, mentor and guide you with reaching a greater understanding of aligning with your passion and fulfilling your purpose. Together using Astrology, and your personal horoscope we’ll discuss and unlock the key astrological energies and their planetary positions to facilitate your awareness and growth, and to provide you with choice – the choice to better understand who you are, and the choice to make better decisions that align with your personal passions and purpose.

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Personal astrology can be customised in many ways. If you’re looking for something in particular that’s not listed within my services, let’s connect and discuss how I can help you.

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As an avid traveler, there are some things I don’t leave home without; and then there are the many inspirational books that have inspired me to venture futher afield, to learn more and explore more of our amazing shared world.

The many, many wonderful cultures, remarkable cultures, ancient history sites and locations, the incredible food shared over generations and made withlove by the locals; and the breathtaking beauty found in nature.

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