Taurus New Moon Guide



The New Moon guide provides you with:

  • what’s happening in the heavens during the coming Moon cycle,
  • the astrological house in focus for you, being a Sun sign Taurus, and suggested  things to do for the coming four week cycle,
  • a New Moon ritual, and
  • how to work with each of the eight Moon phases.

Each New Moon begins a new cycle, an opportunity for a fresh start. It’s a time to refocus and recalibrate your energies and to set your intentions for the Moon cycle.

Sample Monthly New Moon Guide Guide – April 2020 (pdf downloadable file)

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Create your own New Moon intention setting ritual. Begin by creating your own personal scared space beautiful and comfortable, just as you like it! It’s all about you. Set aside time to settle your energy, and be fully present in the moment.

Working with the New Moon guide for your Sun sign, connect with the energy to create a clear vision and then write down your intentions to make your vision a reality. Continue to follow the flow and phases of the Moon throughout the coming Moon month cycle.

You can also join us for the New Moon Manifestation meditation and intention setting practice. Register here.


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