Astrological Alignment


Each consultation is intuitively personalised to be fully aligned with your higher self and Soul path. Working with permission and your personal horoscope, you are guided through a progress of inquiry and reflection whist receiving astrological insight to bring a greater awareness and understanding of information being presented.

Using kinesiology (muscle testing) and various vibrational healing techniques and tools you are supported with aligning to your highest potential and guided to sift through the murkiness or dense energy and gain clarity and connection with your Soul’s purpose.



The consultation is conducted using Skype or Messenger, lasting approx. 60 – 75 minutes.

Please complete form below  with your birth details and preferred day/time. You’ll also note that payment for this consultation is varied with the option for you to ‘Pay Your Price’. Payment for service is required minimum 48 hours prior to scheduled consultation. Thank you

I’ll then contact you by email to confirm birth details provided, confirm time of scheduled consultation.

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