Moon Phases

The more each of us know ourselves, the less we are influenced by the external forces around us; the more we are able to hear our own deep wisdom and embrace our true nature, where we belong; the more we are able to move in the right direction in order to take astute action.

There is a moon inside every human being, learn how to be companions with it.


When you download the Moon Phases, you will need to subscribe to the New Moon Interesting Insights monthly Newsletter. Providing Astrological insights for the New Moon month ahead throughout the year. Along with additional information from The Moon Deck oracle, and New Moon month rituals to support you to maintain your inner peace and harmony and your spiritual practice. In addition, to private offers that are only available to New Moon Newsletter subscribers.

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Like all spiritual matters the Moon is a powerful source and offers light and wisdom to those who grow and flow through its ebbs and flows to support changes. It is each person’s own decision whether to choose to harness its power or simply appreciate and admire its beauty. While you ponder its offerings, the magic and miracle known as the cycle of life continues.

Eight Phases of the Moon downloadable file.


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