Natal Astrology Consultation


A personal introductory insight into the placements of the Sun, the Moon and other planetary bodies in your personal ‘birth chart’, ‘natal chart’ and commonly known as your ‘horoscope’.

Together we will discuss these key astrological energies and how best to use the planetary influences to create a more supportive approach both personally and professionally.

We’ll also look into the planetary positions that are impacting and being activated in your life now.




You’ll receive a copy of your personal horoscope, 15 minutes prior to the consultation for your records and a recording following the consultation.

The consultation is conducted using Skype or Messenger, lasting approx. 75 minutes.

Please complete form below  with your birth details and preferred day/time. You’ll also note that payment for this consultation is varied with the option for you to ‘Pay Your Price’. Payment for service is required minimum 48 hours prior to scheduled consultation. Thank you

I’ll then contact you by email to confirm birth details provided, confirm time of scheduled consultation.

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